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BL Lashes

BL Lashes W lash B/C/D Curl Thickness 0.07/0.10 X 8mm~15mm/mix(7~14mm)

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Available CURL : B/ C/ D
Available THICKNESS: 0.07mm/ 0.10mm
LENGTH: 8mm ~ 15mm/ mix(7~14mm)

  • BL W Lash is split into 3 lashes as W shape to create fuller volume
  • To perfect fuller volume for your lash, use BL W lash mixed with other lashes 

Since a full set of pre-made volume takes the same time as a set of classic lashes, pre-made fans are ideal for lash artists who want to speed up their volume extension application.

Our vultra-thin and extremely lightweight pre-fanned lashes are heat bonded at the bottom(no glue needed). As a result, it is possible to create dramatic fans without any additional weight.